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The Esvastica Gang is a group formed by "Red One" and is the main antagonist in Season 1 of Fear The Walking Dead: Fanfiction.


Unknown Location[]

Nothing is known about them before the apocalypse other than they were a racist group that mocked and made fun of Native people. Calming to be a "native" themselves and killing anyone that they find a threat.



After Jackson drives back with Chris, Red One, their leader, sees them driving pass.


After they reach to Greenspun. They decide to launch a horde with atlas 40 zombies. It was enough to cause the school to be temporary overrun by walkers.

"The Mist Have Eyes"[]

They start shooting at everyone or every zombie in the shoot with no mercy and using the school as their temporary base.


They confront Chris and rest of the people. When they see Jessica Shan, they start to punch her and attempt to rape her while calling her a "racist", this causes Chris to take his machete and strike the man in the crotch, causing Jackson to shoot the other men, Othòn and Pérci and then being shot "Ruthless One" in the head by Jackson. Later after that night, "Silent One" makes it to the large cabin that the group are staying in, and try abushing it.

This causes Chris to be alerted and take his machete, he stabs one soldier in the gut, hacks/decapitates his hand and then stabs him in the head, he later takes out his gun and starts shooting at Silent One and his men. Shooting two to fall off the cliff that behind them. After Chris held his gun to the under of his head, he shoots Silent One in the head and pushing him off of the cliff, killing him after his begs of mercy.

"Jump Into Darkness"[]


"Bottomless Pit"[]

After the fight that went down against the men. Chris makes it to "Red One"'s HQ and take out all of his remaining men. He points the gun his head and before he could shoot, the leader is shot multiple times in the head by Jessica to the point of decapitating his head and obliterating his face with the shotgun.



Killed Victims[]


  • The name "Esvástica" means Swastika in spanish. This may hint that the group are Neo-Nazi's, however Manson mentions that he wants to be feared, it's possible the name could be a way to scare people.