Ashton Flores
Actor Chloë Grace Moretz
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 17
Occupation High school Girl (Pre-Apoclalypse)
Family Johnathan Flores - Father
Jesse Flores - Mother (Deceased)
David Flores - Brother
Benny Flores - Brother
Skylar Monroe - Boyfriend
First Appearance "Destiny"
Last Appearance "Nostalgia
Status Unknown
Series lifespan "Destiny" - "Nostalgia
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
"Jesse.. she was my mom, I've loved her and I miss her. She died during when this shit was going on."
—Ashton to Chris[src]
Ashton Flores or known as Ashley/Ash is a character of Fear The Walking Dead: Fanfiction. She is the daughter of Jonathan Flores.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Before the apocalypse, she was a middle school girl who took care of her younger brother, Benjamin as her older brother, David Flores was in military camp at the time. During this time, she was good friends with Skylar as both were almost the same age (Ash being 17 and Skylar being 18) but after the outbreak broke out. He started a relationship with Skylar and came along into Rena Camp.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

"Destiny" Edit

She is first seen reading a book outside when she sees a car drive pass with new survivors, Skylar, Wendy, Maria, Chris, Lori, Jessica comes out of the car.

Later she is seen again talking to her dad about being newcomers as she is aware that no one can be trusted, she meets Jessica later and they start having a chat on how pretty the camp and the two becomes friends, she later sees Chris outside throwing rocks and asks him why he's throwing rock. He says he doesn't know and just sits down, she asks if he has a mom. Chris explains he does but doesn't know where she could be, this is where Ashley explains that her mom, Jesse died during the apocalypse and was buried.

"Asphalt" Edit

She is first seen waking up Chris and taking him outside to see Wyatt helping people into the bus. She is asked by her brother what is up with the bus.

"So Many Stairs" Edit

She is first seen talking to David about the military that arrived at the camp. She explained that they showed up to help out many of the people that didn't have families anymore. Maria comes in and asks the whereabouts of Paige. Ashton explains that she is out looking for her brother, Joe. Maria explains it's been too long so David, Lori and Ashton heads out to check on Paige. After David sees Jossie, assuming that it was Paige, comes out of the bush to find a group of the zombified campers seen. She puts down Paige after she attempts to bite her brother.

"Nostalgia" Edit

Ashton is briefly seen lifting the bodies of the campers that was put down along with other campers helping other campers pick up the bodies.

This is the last time we seen of Ashton, it's unknown what happened to her after that.

Killed Victims Edit

  • Paige (Zombified)
  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies
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